is the first artificial intelligence that makes your point of sales more efficient. understands what makes you sell and why people come to your store in order to tell your teams how to increase sales.

Who uses was built for all places where customer service is key.

As a store manager you can use to forecast sales and traffic. Knowing exactly which articles will be sold on the next days will allow you to prepare your sales teams and optimize storage.
Detailed information on the number of visitors who will come to your store enables you to design your staff planning without surprises.
Knowing how many clients will eat in your restaurant tomorrow or during the next week is key to optimize your teams and supplies. will not only tell you the number of guests you’ll have but also what they will order.
Supermarkets is can help you to understand which promotions worked well in the past and which did not.
Everytime you’ll launch a new promotion she’ll calculate all possible scenarios for you and evaluate their impact on revenues and units sold. can share all the results with your teams or send it directly to your existing IT systems.


Cool features can do a lot of things for you!

Sales forecasting crunches your past sales data and can to tell you precisely (hourly!) how much revenue your store will generate and which amounts of each article you’ll sell.

Traffic forecasting

Thanks to collected visitor data, is able to tell you hour by hour how many people will come to your point of sales and who they are.

Promotion optimizer can learn from past promotional campaigns and tell you which campaigns work and which don’t. evaluates thousands of scenarios based on internal and external parameters (article family, time frame, weather, period, communication mode, target, etc.) and tells you for each scenario how many articles you’re going to sell.

DON'T BELIEVE IT? loves to learn is an Artificial Intelligence. She was built to learn and get better. is very clever and already knows a lot of things aout the world around your point of sales but to learn about your business, she needs some data from you. can use 3 types of data:

1 – Files uploaded by you (ex. sales, traffic, units sold, customer demography, etc.).
2 – Visitor traffic data collected by herself using the Plug, a small device that can easily be plugged in your store (all you need is electricity and an Internet connection)
3 – Open data collected directly by’s servers (ex. weather, events, periods of the year, road traffic, etc.)

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